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Wednesday, January 12

this is no longer an updated and current site.

i have officially quit posting because i dont have any time to update it and i also dont feel like everyone needs to know whats going on with me.

it was useful for the election but now it is stale

thanks for keeping up with it


Monday, November 22

Its time for Thanksgiving.

Thank God my break is here. The past few weeks have been so overwhelming. Four research papers were all due today. Im finally done with them now I can look forward to finals.

Im living at the beach this summer. My grandparents are giving me the beach place to myself for the summer so I can work and make some money, and have the beach house at my disposal.

Halo 2 is ruining the hall community! But im addicted, and I love the fact. It's been non-stop Halo 2 for the past 2 weeks. I love the game, what can I say, I can't help it.


Wednesday, November 10

I have to admit Im relieved.

The election is over and I do say that Im glad it is complete. God had His hand over our country for sure in this election.

On a more personal note, college is everything you want it to be and more. Ive met so many people that are helping to change my life and others that I am impacting. It is a wonderful thing to see.

I love this town. Boone North Carolina is such an amazing place. The colors here, the weather and the options of entertainment are only what you make of it. It seems like the world is here right now.

If you'd like to know how the entertainment on the dorm hall is, picture a skinny white boy, 6'2", wearing nothing but a jockstrap, goggles, and a bike helmet, skating on rollerblades past the elevator as it opens full of people.

I went to the opening of the newest art exhibit in the Turchin Art center a couple of days ago with my new friend Amy. It was incredible. Everytime I see someones work it seems to clean me inside. I think its a matter of perspectives, it allows you to become seperate from yourself for a minute. Its a gift from God for sure and something He has provided for us to enjoy and utilize, art.


Tuesday, October 26

I realize ive missed 3 debates and i do appologize ive been very busy.
Here are the debate transcripts incase you want to read them, they are very good.

Vice Presidential Debates
Second Presidential Debates
Third Presidential Debates

There you are.

The election is just one day away and im very much excited. Im ready to get it started.

I viewed Farenhype 9/11. It was very informative and dispelled all of Michael Moore's BS.

After Tuesday I will be switching back to my old format and this will be mostly personal writings that I feel like posting, if i feel like posting at all, which im sure i will every now and again. This election cycle has been one of absolute importance and i have been a part of it and for that i am proud. I am an American citizen and have the liberty and freedom to vote. I have voted. Thank you to all of the men and women fighting right this second for the vote that i cast on October 15.

President Bush is the only man for the job.

Make sure Lurch doesnt get in office!

Friday, October 1

Political event of the day:
Presidential Debate I: Foreign Policy Debate

The debate was the single event that i have been waiting for, for the past 4 months. I was freaking pumped and ready for it to get started. Good news is, our booth attracted alot of attention before the debate(college republicans booth). We were able to gather about 20 new attendees and a few members. Thats exciting. I know your going to be disappointed, but im not going to give an exhaustive run down as usual. Instead, im going to post my notes as they were taken. So here they are

*Do you mr kerry believe you can do a better job than bush in preventing another attack?
Yes I can……….(paused to start thanking people….or think of an answer, either one)what a great start.

*kerry keeps harping on his belief that osama is in afganistan…which he isn’t…and keeps saying that 10 times as many troops are in iraq than are in afganistan, but that more should be in afgan., eventhough osama is obviously not there

*k- iraq wasn’t even the center of the war on terror, before bush made it the center - bush rush to war in iraq before a plan for peace –
B- you forget that my opponent voted to send troops to war, and then voted against equipment funding

*what will you do to increase the homeland security as opposed to bush
k- what does it say when you open firehouses in iraq but not funding the ones here, claiming he will take care of all the loose chemical material in Russia that’s been loose for 13 years-claiming he will do it in 4 so that no one can get their hands on it to make wmd’s
B- don’t know how hes going to pay for that but that’s for another debate
The patriot act is vital,

*what criteria would you use to determine when to bring troops home from iraq
B-best way to succeed in iraq and bring troops home-get Iraqi citizens trained and able to defend themselves, needs to be stability and elections have been completed, free iraq will be a vital ally in the war on terror
k-‘help is on the way’, starts talking about bush sr. and how he left iraq because he didn’t have an exit strategy and hes making the correlation between bush sr and bush in the matter
b-deffended himself
k- im going to lead the troops to victory….(i thought he said he was going to take the troops out?)
k- starts ranting about Haliburton, stealing Michael moores lies?
b-how are countries going to ally themselves if our leader keeps switching his stance on the issues of iraq

*b- we will not succeed in iraq if we send mixed signals like my opponent has been doing and will be doing

*kerry, give examples of bush’s lying and not being candid with the people of America
k-says outright that he didn’t use words like that(just called bush incompetent and arrogant about the issue the other day)then starts to just reiterate the media’s accusations that he’s “misleading” American people
b-my information was the same information that kerry had when he based his decisions on how to vote in sending troops to iraq

b-sadam Hussein WAS A THREAT
b-you cant lead a country when you keep changing your position on the issue of iraq

kerry has been using bullet points only, no specifics
k-prime minister allawi is like a puppet(said this after allawi’s visit and speech to congress)

*b- I hope I never have to lead the country into another preemptive strike,(the question was geared toward the rumored wmds in iran and n korea, and also the rumored take over of Taiwan by china)

closing statements:

k- talked about how he defended the country in Vietnam and says he will do it again(was in viet. For 4 years and never saw fire.)
-funding homeland security – lie- he uses it for welfare,he will tax saying its for security but it will go to the poor in the ghettos for welfare

b- we will strengthen homeland, intelligence, army
-continue to make alliances
-free afgan and iraq will serve as an example for many more countries in the middle east to reach toward democracy

If you didnt see the debate, here is the link for the transcript. I strongly urge all of you seeing this to read the transcript and make sure you watch next thursday at 9 for Debate II.

Debate Transcript


Tuesday, September 28

Political Event of The Day:
Bill O'reily interviews Bush

O'reily interviewed President Bush today on The Factor. It was Part I of a III part series. He asked the president 5 of 15 questions. One being, Iran is rumored to have a nuclear weapon, will we be preventing them from possessing one?

"We've made our position clear, no Iran will not possess a nuclear weapon."

What an answer!

Another question was about our freaking poreous border.

"We are giving our border patrol more technology, the technology they need to combat this and we are beefing up our border patrol. There are currently 1000 check points along the Mexico-U.S. border.

Watch the factor tonight at 8 for Part II

I'm also very perturbed at the way that Kerry and the democrats are attacking Bush. There is no reason for it and it is uncalled for.

I read the Moore-O'reily interview today from the DNC. Pathetic. It was like O'reily was arguing with an elementary school boy. Here's the link please read it and decide for yourself.

I want to urge everyone reading this to vote, voice your opinion, and for Bush's sake CONVERT IGNORANT DEMOCRATS!

Stupid Of The Day:
"Wait a minute, terrorism? Iraq?"
-Michael Moore


Thursday, September 23

Political event of the day:
Bush's speech with Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi

Bush spoke mainly on the rebuilding of Iraq of course and also on what is taking place to allow for a quicker and more efficient take over of the government by the new officials. Bush said that there are numerous events taking place to try and block progress, events like suicide bombings and shootings.

- We wont be intimidated
- Freedom is winning
- Iraqi's are volunteering to protect and serve their country and coming out to show
more support
- Iraq is a central front in the war on terror
- To retreat now would betray our mission, word, and friends
- Iraqi forces must be able to defend themselves and are showing increasing ability
to do so
* Over 100 companies are now listed on the Iraqi Stock Market and 5 more are joining
- Over 2000 schools have been renovated and more are on their way
- Urged all nations to join in this vital cause
* Many Iraqi debtors have forgiven debt(major economic help for Iraq)

- Full support from Iraq in America's efforts
- Iraqis will not be cowered by the terrorists
- Thanked Bush for his decision to stand firm in Iraq
- Iraq had been greatly scarred
** Deomocratic elections in Iraq - "We are working together to make sure they happen
on time next year in January."

So there's that little bit of run down if you weren't able to catch the speech.

Kerry has been blasting Bush worse lately, definate sign of intimidation and worry. He has been getting more personal with his attacks calling Bush arrogant and incompetent in his dealings with Iraq. This was taken from his recent speech where he really blasted Bush on his UN speech saying he lectured rather than pleaded.....we dont need a beggar Kerry....we need a leader!

Dan Rather is still in the heat of fire and I believe we are seeing the parallel to the Democratic party in the media, in that CBS looks like its pretty much falling apart and is coming under alot of fire. If you recall the Super Bowl Janet Jackson incident, that was CBS.

Stupid Of The Day:
"A low voter turnout is an indication of fewer people going to the
- John F. Kerry

Last night in Leno's monologue:
"You know Dan Rather, the guy who put the 'BS' in CBS?"

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